Open the emergency exit of the plane confusing it with the bathroom and unleash a real chaos

A passenger from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) confused the emergency door with the one in the bathroom of the plane. This resulted in 40 passengers having to get off the aircraft until the problem generated by this incident was resolved. Seven were the hours of delay of the flight that left from the United Kingdom […]

A group of 10-year-old children ride their bike to find a missing grandma

It is well known that children will always look for a way to have fun, their imagination allows them to create extraordinary situations from the simplest. Some may find their pranks a bit exaggerated, but what cannot be denied is that they are little explorers who always see opportunities to embark on a world of […]

The networks mourn the loss of the longest-lived youtuber in the world who died at 107

There are people who strive to be a famous youtuber, put all their efforts, but are halfway, or do not achieve the receptivity they wanted so much. However, Giorgio Michetti , a 107-year-old elder never thought he would become a successful influencer and today the world regrets his loss. Michetti was born in 1912 in […]

They remember a conversation with their 9-year-old daughter before a tragedy took them away

Organ donation is very important and has managed to save the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, it is something that many parents do not want to talk to their children because they do not expect to have to go through the hard experience of saying goodbye to them. Now, in the middle of a […]

What a sermon! A girl scolds her sick dad because she doesn’t eat and doesn’t take her remedy

Without a doubt, children are a reflection of the people they live with: mother, father, brothers, grandparents, teachers and so on. Everyone helps their personality to form , and in these times it is common to see children who behave like an adult. This is the case of a little girl who gives a tremendous […]

His 4-year-old daughter ended up with a pink face for several days because of a mischief

When there is a child at home one of the first rules that parents should not forget is not to leave the child alone for a long time, only seconds are enough for the curiosity of the most innocent to end in a great mischief. Victoria Kidner, from West Midlands, Sofia’s mother , a beautiful […]

Born with less than half the skull, his mother always thought he would survive

Life, that beautiful word that contains endless meanings and that today is the greatest miracle for a mother after her little baby was born without more than half of her skull. Lucas Santa María is the name of the little angel who was diagnosed with exencephaly in the uterus , a malformation in which the […]

After 75 years thinking that his cousin and best friend had lost their lives they can meet again

On January 27, 1945, Soviet troops freed Europe from the reign of terror that the German regime established in its empire of barbarism. After 75 years, two Jewish cousins persecuted for the ignominy of the Third Reich who believed they were dead, were finally able to meet in a touching hug that has broken the […]

A Starbucks customer reacts to defend a homeless man from employee treatment

We are all human beings facing some difficulty , so that a simple smile and polite treatment can mean a lot to someone who is in the middle of a difficult time . However, this is something that a couple of Starbucks employees did not consider when a homeless man arrived at his premises . […]

Tell how she woke up and found her lifeless 3-week-old baby with her husband

Sharing the bed with children is a controversial issue, especially depending on the age of the child. When it comes to babies, it can be a great danger. An experience of this was lived by a couple from the United Kingdom, and they still regret the consequences. Tom Coomer and Ebony-Jade Pearson Tom Coomer and […]