A Starbucks customer reacts to defend a homeless man from employee treatment

We are all human beings facing some difficulty , so that a simple smile and polite treatment can mean a lot to someone who is in the middle of a difficult time .

However, this is something that a couple of Starbucks employees did not consider when a homeless man arrived at his premises .

The scene took place at an Essex Starbucks in England.

Sajid Kahhllon was in a Starbucks when he ran into a man who checked the garbage in a desperate attempt to get food.

It seemed that he had no home and that he needed some help; so Sajid approached him and offered to buy him something to eat . The man, extremely relieved, thanked him in a weak voice and prepared to sit at a table to enjoy his meal .

“I bought him a sandwich and a chocolate cake so he could eat quietly.”

However, this was not possible . The presence of the man was a nuisance to one of the employees. Seconds after the hungry lord began to enjoy his sandwich, one of the waiters came up there backed by a security guard .

Finally Starbucks made a statement to apologize for what happened.

He was told that the company’s policies simply prohibited someone like him from eating in the restaurant. Luckily, the good Samaritan who had helped him was still there and approached to defend him .

“What is the problem?
I paid $ 10 so he could eat . ”

The man was so confused that he hardly said a word . It seemed he just wanted to enjoy his food; but the Starbucks employee insisted again and again that he should leave there as soon as possible .

“That is probably the only meal of this poor man’s day and they didn’t let him eat in peace.”

El vídeo se dio a conocer a través de las redes sociales y usuarios de todo el mundo se manifestaron para decir que se sentían profundamente decepcionados por el indignantetrato que los empleados dieron al hombre. Después de todo, él no hizo más que permanecer callado mientras intentaba disfrutar de su comida.

¿Acaso no es humano?”.

Levantamos la voz en contra de este comportamiento tan injusto. Nunca sabemos cuándo podríamos ser nosotros mismos los que nos encontremos en medio de una situación tan difícil y en búsqueda de un poco de alimento.

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