Born with less than half the skull, his mother always thought he would survive

Life, that beautiful word that contains endless meanings and that today is the greatest miracle for a mother after her little baby was born without more than half of her skull.

Lucas Santa María is the name of the little angel who was diagnosed with exencephaly in the uterus , a malformation in which the brain is outside the skull and as the pregnancy progresses the nerve tissue degenerates.

More than a miracle a blessing for his mother.

The baby considered a beautiful miracle, underwent a delicate surgery just four days after birth to help save his life, Lucas is already seven months old, and without a doubt, has exceeded the expectations of doctors , this strange condition is fatal but little Lucas is still struggling to survive.

The little boy has become a symbol of hope.

His mother María Santa María cannot believe his luck , after the surgery the little angel revealed a surprising recovery leaving everything speechless. His mother says he is receiving special baby food and physiotherapy , Lucas now raises his head and moves his delicate legs to swing from side to side.

María Santa María is the mother of four children.

The malformation of the tender Lucas was revealed in the first ultrasound that was performed . The attending physician informed him that the baby’s skull had not closed and that his brain was growing out of place, without any mercy suggested that he lose it . The mother disconsolate and surprised with the diagnosis decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Lucas is setting his own survival record.

All this was something new for her, her other pregnancies passed normally and without any inconvenience. The mother had the full support of her husband Augusto and welcomed the baby at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack-New Jersey.

Lucas is by far a unique child in the world.

Although María Santa María had her new months of gestation without major problems and gave birth to her little miracle, she arranged to make funeral arrangements in case the little one did not succeed.

He also spoke with his child specialist to guide his other children aged 8, 7 and 3 in case the new family member decided to leave this world.

Studies reveal that there has never been a person who survives more than three hours with this malformation.

Dr. Tim Vogel is head of pediatric neurosurgery at the Jersey Brain and Spine Center, notes that he removed abnormal brain tissue to prevent damage to the functional area of his brain , and seizures or strokes.

As the skull bone grows, Dr. Vogel will affect a layer to fill in the sunken areas and ensure that the brain tissue is protected.

Lucas has made great strides, he has even tried to crawl.

Vogel also said he will continue working with the family in the future , he added that the more bone he develops, the more tissue he can use, which allows him to get better results.

Little Lucas has filled his family with blessings, he is undoubtedly a warrior full of hope.It is worth sharing the miracle of your life.

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