His 4-year-old daughter ended up with a pink face for several days because of a mischief

When there is a child at home one of the first rules that parents should not forget is not to leave the child alone for a long time, only seconds are enough for the curiosity of the most innocent to end in a great mischief.

Victoria Kidner, from West Midlands, Sofia’s mother , a beautiful and ingenious 4-year-old princess , can attest to that, when after ten minutes of leaving her daughter alone, she surprised her with her face completely painted with pink lipstick sparkly.

Sofia, taking advantage of the fact that her mother had entered the kitchen to wash the dishes, did not hesitateto take over her mother’s makeup case and express her artistic qualities by replacing the brush with a lipstick and the canvas with the tender and adorable skin of her face .

The little girl smeared the bright lipstick all over her face in such a way that she left nothing unpainted and it was impossible to take it off for several days.

Victoria had left Sofia on the sofa watching children’s programs on her tablet, but after 10 minutes the little girl entered the kitchen to show her mother her “work of art.”

For everyone it will always be a mystery that Sofia has gone to the room to look in the closet for her lipstick and cover her face completely with bright pink paint in just 10 minutes.

“I was laughing as soon as she came in and asked her what had happened to her face and that was when she proudly pulled out my totally destroyed lipstick behind her back. His gaze was full of pride and he had a huge smile on his bright pink face. ”

Victoria ran up the stairs hoping to find a mess in the room with traces of lipstick everywhere, but it wasn’t, she had only painted her face without staining anything else.

Victoria spent the next 10 minutes cleaning her daughter’s face. He immediately looked for baby wet wipes and then quickly bathed her to remove the rest of the lipstick from the hairline before it was stained, but after all that the girl still had a pink glow for the next few days.

“I didn’t hear her make any noise, so I thought she was just having fun quietly.”

While her mother was on her back the girl climbed up and took the lipstick out of her makeup bag that was in a closet in the room.

“After looking at his face I had to take a picture and give him credit for the incredibly perfect job he did, he left nothing without makeup.”

At first Victoria was upset because she had ruined her favorite lipstick, but then she couldn’t help laughing at the situation.Share this fun story with your friends.

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