What a sermon! A girl scolds her sick dad because she doesn’t eat and doesn’t take her remedy

Without a doubt, children are a reflection of the people they live with: mother, father, brothers, grandparents, teachers and so on.

Everyone helps their personality to form , and in these times it is common to see children who behave like an adult. This is the case of a little girl who gives a tremendous scolding to her dad for not eating.

In social networks a video circulates in which you see a girl of approximately five years who scolds her father, her first scolding is to tell her that she must eat because she is sick , and that if she does not eat she will put the food with a syringe.

“I’m going to put the food with the syringe, because there is a syringe, although he doesn’t like it, he’ll have to eat because that feeds him,” the little girl tells her dad.

It is to be imagined that the little girl has as a mother or as some female figure very close to her a woman who imposes herself and who sends whoever is put in front of her.

The little girl has stolen the hearts of social network users because she is seen totally in the role of mom, never stutters even though her interlocutor is her own father ; Besides, he accepts the scolding, says nothing and lets her express everything he has to say.

Innocence with character

“What a smart girl, may God give her many blessings and continue to take care of her dad, she certainly has a big heart,” said one Internet user.

The little girl lists her dad for everything she doesn’t like to eat: salad, rice, chicken, noodles, tea, sugar, juice, apple, and so a long list of foods, and everything to tell her that , even if you don’t like it, you have to eat to be relieved .

And if this were not enough, the truth comes: because of the fault of the father, the aunt, the baby herself and her mother also got sick, and to top it off, the father is not even taking the medicines to be able to relieve himself .

The little girl declares that she is taking medicine to relieve herself, go to school, go out, and most importantly, go out to buy bread .

To close the girl tells him that she is getting sick because of her fault and says it in a complaint tone, and reminds her that if she does not eat she will put the food in the syringe .

No doubt the girl gave a speech that would encourage anyone to eat and take the necessary medicines to be well.

Share this note so that many people see how a father is scolded with a convincing speech and meaning of life, I can not stop laughing.

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