They remember a conversation with their 9-year-old daughter before a tragedy took them away

Organ donation is very important and has managed to save the lives of thousands of people. Unfortunately, it is something that many parents do not want to talk to their children because they do not expect to have to go through the hard experience of saying goodbye to them.

Now, in the middle of a lot of pain, Jesi Bergeson remembers that she had this conversation with her daughter , without imagining that the little girl would suffer a terrible accident and would immediately become an organ donor.

“I think for some reason, God told me that I
should have that conversation with her.”

Shaylyn Bergeson was playing in the garden of her house. I always enjoyed spending hours in nature and climbing trees. Unfortunately, that day he fell from a very tall tree and his head received a great impact against a reinforcement bar .

This caused a severe wound on the left side of her brain and her parents immediately transferred her to Emergencies desperately trying to save her little girl’s life.

Shaylyn was barely 9 years old when she suffered the accident.

They took her to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center but her situation was so serious that they had to transfer her in a helicopter to the Primary Children’s Children’s Hospital . There he received an emergency craniotomy to relieve the enormous pressure in his head.

Shaylyn lived with her family in Idaho Falls in the United States.

Unfortunately, Shaylyn lost her life . This meant a very painful time for their parents. Years ago, the Bergesons had to say goodbye to their eldest daughter . Briauna suffered from a chromosomal disorder and spent the last three years of his life in a hospice.

“Shaylyn never hesitated to donate her organs.
It was an angel . She was a tender, happy and very humble girl. ”

In the midst of such a painful moment, his mother resumed his strength to help fulfill his daughter’s last wish . The transplant team was able to save their liver, kidneys, heart valves and corneas and now five people will be able to continue their lives thanks to the important decision this little one made.

Her parents are very proud of her and have decided to share her story to talk about the importance of organ donation.

“Our baby was able to save 4 lives and someone’s vision.”

We join the Bergeson family in these painful moments. In the middle of one of the toughest days of his life, they took strength to celebrate the great heroic act of little Shaylyn.

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