The networks mourn the loss of the longest-lived youtuber in the world who died at 107

There are people who strive to be a famous youtuber, put all their efforts, but are halfway, or do not achieve the receptivity they wanted so much.

However, Giorgio Michetti , a 107-year-old elder never thought he would become a successful influencer and today the world regrets his loss.

Michetti was born in 1912 in Viareggio, a beautiful Italian city located in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany. From the age of five he began painting , an activity he did not leave while he lived.

At seventeen he prepared his first painting exhibition, his work called “Those of Switzerland” allowed him to gain public recognition. He also exhibited in Milan, Rome, Naples, Pisa and Austria.

His art led him to travel the world, and over time he devoted himself to graphic design and illustration, as a means to make a living.

“I don’t want to wait on the couch, I always want to have a busy mind,” said the artist.

One of his many students told him about social networks, about what he knew very little or almost nothing. The pupil introduced him to the world of Facebook and YouTube .

“I do not understand a computer horn, but I try to live modern life, that is, without understanding anything,” said the experienced artist.

That was how, with the help of his student, he began his facet of youtuber talking about his own paintings, lessons in the history of plastic arts and painting techniques. He had 34,000 followers, not including 20,000 of hisFacebookaccount .

I received many comments from users who praised the way he explained while painting, the passion and way he had to teach.

“Not only is he a great painter, but he is a teacher capable of fascinating anyone with his classes,” his students wrote in the videos.

The oldest youtuber in the world won the admiration and affection of all his followers for his charisma, simplicity and humility.

But unfortunately, his light went out, the old artist died on June 17. His brush stopped, but he left his legacy and his example in his followers and in all who knew him. Fly high and rest in peace, noble teacher!

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