A group of 10-year-old children ride their bike to find a missing grandma

It is well known that children will always look for a way to have fun, their imagination allows them to create extraordinary situations from the simplest.

Some may find their pranks a bit exaggerated, but what cannot be denied is that they are little explorers who always see opportunities to embark on a world of adventure .

A bike adventure that gave the best result.

This time our protagonists are a group of small 10-year-old children who helped solve the case of an old woman who disappeared in the center of the neighborhood where they live.

Logam Hultman, is one of the protagonists, when he heard the news through an announcement that the police had issued he did not hesitate to get on his bike and be part of the great search together with his friends.

Logan, Makena, Hope and Kash became little detectives.

The small group of detectives rolled on their bicycles for several hours, after touring the area they located Glenneta Belford to the 97-year-old woman reported missing .

The children immediately called the Roseville Police Department who excitedly surprised everyone with the incredible news. Alyssa Hulman of Roseville, California comments on this:

We are really proud of them and their solidarity. ”

It was not long for the children to get to know each other, after their good and incredible action their face and their feat spread in the local news.

Daniel Claiborne is the father of two of the little detectives, Hope and Kash , comments that this story is by far an incredible real-life moment. He could not believe when the children came running and excited to tell him the great adventure.

Between the mystery and the adventure they found the fragile grandmother.

Rob Baquera is a Roseville police officer, on behalf of all his team said they are very grateful for the brave act that the children performed , without a doubt, a great gesture of heroism.

He also took the opportunity to reflect that age is not a factor to limit actions, an example of these are these children who had the initiative to take the case in their hands and help a member of the community.

We do not know what the future holds for these children, but we are sure that they have the ability to resolve these types of situations . Some of them may want to work as detectives in the police department.

Do not leave without sharing this great outcome and recognize the work of these children.

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