Open the emergency exit of the plane confusing it with the bathroom and unleash a real chaos

A passenger from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) confused the emergency door with the one in the bathroom of the plane. This resulted in 40 passengers having to get off the aircraft until the problem generated by this incident was resolved.

Seven were the hours of delay of the flight that left from the United Kingdom to Pakistan, as a result of this event.

Airplane of the Pakistani airline PIA

All of us who have ever flown on an airplane that make international journeys, we are clear that the bathroom door is not only small (like the bathroom itself), but in general they have a hand with which it opens.

And all of us who have ever traveled by plane have seen the wide size of the doors, both regular and emergency. And those doors have intricate and complicated opening keys.

Tiny airplane cockpit

However, this passenger on flight PK 702 that departed from Manchester, United Kingdom, to Islamabad, Pakistan, confused the emergency exit with the bathroom door.

Luckily, the plane was still on the ground, when the slide took off automatically when the gate opened.

Emergency door of an airplane with its multiple safety handles

What has caught my attention the most and I suppose you should also be asking, is where the crew was when the woman opened the door after confusing her with the bathroom.

Emergency exits are always in the common spaces reserved for the crew of the aircraft . We still don’t know what happened and why the door was alone, but the question is that the remaining 40 passengers had to get off the plane, until the setback could be resolved.

It is also worth noting that the incident occurred when the seat belt lights were on, so the passenger evidently failed to comply with safety regulations, a fact that also had to have been noticed by the crew.

The most incredible thing is that many of the passengers, descended from the plane by the slide of the emergency exit, perhaps because they would have supposed that there was actually an emergency, and many others, probably, to get rid of the desire to jump down that giant slide.

Some Internet users uploaded photos to social networks and most expressed their annoyance first for the incident and then for the delay this caused them.

The PIA airline published a statement after the incident:

“We regret the delay caused by a passenger who opened the emergency door.
We strongly urge passengers to follow safety instructions , since such setbacks result in inconveniences for hundreds of other passengers. All affected passengers received a dinner. PIA regrets the inconvenience caused. ”

If I had lost seven hours of my life because of a delay caused by, in my opinion, a carelessness of the crew, they would not fix it with a dinner.And you do you think?Share it!

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