She is forced to give birth in a bathtub because in the hospital they refused to attend her

LeeAnn Bienaime is a woman who eagerly prepared for the arrival of her baby. She went to many courses to know how to face the time of delivery , but she could never imagine that she would give birth in her own bathtub because the hospital staff sent her back home.

LeeAnn gave birth at 27 years old.

When he began to feel the first contractions he decided to go to the hospital immediately. His house was half an hour away from the nearest medical center and he knew his baby could arrive at any time.

The staff of the Naval Medical Center explained that she was only two centimeters dilated . They told him that they could only enter it when he was five centimeters.

“If everything happened again I would simply have stayed in the hospital until they admitted LeeAnn.”

In the midst of pain; LeeAnn tried to tell them again and again that she was a first-time mother and that she would not know how to take the exact measures of her level of dilation.

Everything was in vain and they were forced to take the road back home . Throughout the journey, the contractions only increased. The couple was very confused and a few minutes after arriving home they understood that the time had come.

“She said she was feeling her head.”

There was no time to drive back to the hospital; so LeeAnn set out in her bathtub to do her best and help her baby during birth. Leo was at his side all the time and it was he who received the baby in his arms.

The couple lives in the city of Chesapeake in Virginia.

Fortunately, baby Joachim was completely safe and sound. His parents needed a couple of hours to process everything that had happened and in the midst of the enormous joy they feel for their baby they cannot help feeling a great indignation at the treatment they received in the hospital. A decision like that could put LeeAnn and her baby’s life at huge risk.

“Now everyone has told me that those in the hospital should never have sent us home.”

The whole family was surprised with the first photo of the baby . In the images you can see an overwhelmed LeeAnn tenderly hugging her little one; but the most observant soon noticed that he was in a place that is not expected for the birth of a baby.

“Everyone asks us if it ‘s shampoo that appears in the background of the photo.”

Fortunately; LeeAnn and her husband were able to receive their little one and now they are at home enjoying every second together . But nevertheless; They have decided to share their story to raise their voices and that no one else is forced to go through this difficult experience.

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The baby born without skin leaves the hospital after receiving a transplant

Ja’bari Gray remained in a hospital since January 1 of this year. He was born skinless, with a rare type of cutis aplasia, a rare congenital condition of the dermis.

His case moved thousands of people, initially doctors did not know the diagnosis , the baby was missing the skin of most of his body except the area of ​​his head.

Shortly after his birth, he was transferred to the Texas Pediatric Hospital in Houston, he had to receive permanent medical attention, his bandage had to be changed frequently to prevent him from suffering an infection.

Priscilla Maldonado, mother of the baby, said that the only priority in such hard times was to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Ja’bari’s case is very strange and experts are studying it. Priscilla and her husband Marvin Gray undergo genetic testing to confirm the diagnosis because the disease would be inherited.

It was very hard for the baby’s mother to face the consequences of the disease, she could not enjoy holding her baby after her birth.

The baby’s condition was so fragile that he had to wait to lull it in his arms.

“I could have it in my arms twice,
but only using a gown and special gloves. There is no skin-to-skin contact, ”said the mother.

The doctors underwent Ja’bari to an operation to cut scar tissue that joins his chin with his chest and separate his eyelids, which are stuck since he was born.

The family receives financial support from the company in which the child’s parents work, and from the Medic-Aid organization, but they also created a campaign in GoFundMe to raise money that allows them to cover all their expenses.

Although the prognosis was not the best because the doctors did not know if Ja’bari would survive, he won the battle.

He finally recovered after receiving a laboratory-grown skin transplant and was discharged.

After so many months in the hospital you can get to know your new home and share full time with your family.

The baby’s parents clung to the hope that everything would work out and they were not mistaken, after long nights, days of uncertainty and pain, they can rest assured that their son overcame the worst.

Share this case that reminds us that miracles do exist, although it seemed impossible, Ja’bari’s parents welcome him at home.

The mother of the child with the “nose of Pinocchio” responds to those who told him that his son should not have been born

Ollie Trezise, from Maesteg, Wales, was born in February 2014, was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused disproportionate growth of his brain through a crack in his skull and nose.

Ollie Trezise, from Maesteg, Wales, was born in February 2014, was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused disproportionate growth of his brain through a crack in his skull and nose.

His mother knew at twenty weeks gestation that her baby would have a different appearance. The doctors informed him that there was a soft tissue growing on his face.

Some people told her to terminate her pregnancy because of the risk of her child suffering from disability and having an abnormal appearance.

But she claimed she knew she would love him no matter how she looked . When she gave birth and held her baby in her arms for the first time, she confirmed it.

“When they gave me Ollie to support him, I was so surprised that I could hardly speak. He was so small, but he had a huge lump the size of a golf ball in his nose, ”said the mother.

She felt bewildered, although she was not willing to give up. “At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to face the situation. But I knew I would love him without conditions, ”said Amy.

The little boy was nicknamed “Pinocchio boy” because his nose is similar to that of the classic Disney cartoon character.

Little Ollie’s face attracts everyone’s eyes and Amy has had to face the cruelty of many people who make hurtful comments about her nose.

“It is absolutely heartbreaking. Once, a woman told me that I should never have given birth to Ollie. I almost broke into tears. For me, Ollie is perfect. He is my little real-life Pinocchio and I am proud of him, ” said Amy.

The lump that grew on the child’s nose was a consequence of a rare defect called an encephalocele .

As he grew older, his nose also grew and he had to undergo a surgical procedure in November 2014 to open his nostrils and facilitate his breathing

“After the operation, Ollie had a huge zig-zag scar on his head. He must have felt a lot of pain , but despite that he kept smiling and laughing. His positivism made everything much easier for me, ”said the mother.

Ollie recovered and now enjoys a normal life, he loves being in the pool and playing with Annabelle, his older sister , his prank companion, according to his mother, are best friends.

After seeing how people look and point at her son on the street or even make comments that hurt her heart, Amy wants to fight tirelessly to raise awareness about her condition.

“I don’t want any other child to suffer from comments as unpleasant as those Ollie receives, I think the best way to combat this is to educate people. I’d rather people ask me why Ollie looks like this instead of telling me it’s ugly, mocking and pointing it out, ”said Amy.

Ollie’s mother knows that he may never look like the other children, she fears that when she starts school it will be a great challenge to deal with the signs she will receive.

Although he is confident that his son is so funny and charming that it is impossible not to love him, he emphasizes that there is nothing wrong with having a different appearance and that is what he intends to instill in his children.

“There is nothing wrong with being different. Ollie is a unique, intelligent and fun child, and he surprises me every day. He is my special little Pinocchio, and I will never stop loving him, ”said Amy.

Through his testimony he reminds the world of the value of respect and equality, do not leave without sharing it.

He dedicates 24 hours to caring for his sick quadruplets and needs help

It is true that a mother’s love is unique and unconditional, but it also has incredible strength when it comes to protecting her children. Some parents dedicate their lives to the care of one of their children, even in adulthood.

This is how Linda Mar Miranda, a mother of Taguatinga, in the Federal District, Brazil, has done it , who has not slept well in 19 years because she is completely dedicated to the care of her quadruplets with mental disabilities.

This 58-year-old mother lives only for her little Marta, David, Rebeca and Ester. Linda has not been able to work because she does not have a place to leave her children, due to her special conditions, so she lives off the little she receives from the government.

In addition, the woman has two older children who also help her in what they can. Vanessa, 32, and Marcos, 35, are married and have their families but do not forget to help their mother as much as possible to support their siblings.

However, there are many expenses that the quadruplets generate between food, diapers, medications and therapies. Not including the payment of the rent of the house, which also does not have the minimum conditions so that children with disabilities of the children of Linda Mar can live.

Their monthly expenses exceed 2,000 reais, about $ 488, and for this reason a pro-fund campaign has started to help the family. Linda Mar is alone with her children, because the father abandoned them when they were only two months old.

“My children are everything to me!
There were five babies, but one girl died a day after giving birth. They were born prematurely, weighed 500 gr and spent 150 days in the neonatal ICU of the Maternal and Child Hospital (Hmib), ”said Ms. Miranda.

The clinical picture of each of the boys is as follows:

  • Marta has brain damage and paralysis of the left side of the body.
  • Rebecca has mental retardation and a thyroid dysfunction that has affected growth.
  • David has severe mental retardation, paralysis of the right side of the body and speech problems.

The most delicate state is suffered by Esther, who has hydrocephalus, brain damage and severe mental retardation. This girl does not walk, does not speak and, 20 days ago, she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that must be operated.

“She already has a valve in her brain to drain the water. Now he has to undergo another surgery, ”said the mother.

Even on the most difficult days, Linda Marina treats her children with deep love.